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After the holidays, the warm embrace of sun and salt may leave us with dry and brittle hair.
Hair may appear dull, and your scalp can seem dryer or oilier. To rebalance your scalp and revitalize your hair, nothing beats natural ingredients, like organic hemp seed oil in the Hair Mask by Hemp Care.
This mask provides deep nourishment to dry, brittle, fragile hair and sensitive scalps, revealing refreshed, nourished and glowing locks, thanks to ingredients like Italian hemp seed oil, jojoba and shea butter from organic farms.

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With the restful summer holidays over, September means a return to routine. For this month we suggest outfits that are suitable for the entire day – a few interchangeable accessories and you will be flawless for business meetings through to dinner with friends.

Black elastane trousers by Via Masini 80, a white blouse with Koren collar by Cristina Bonfanti, black suede moccasins with contrasting detailing by Virreina 1958, a black cotton scarf with white embroidery.

To help with your mood, we recommend Dolce di Giorno by Bois 1920, a unisex fragrance with woody, spicy notes. These notes are used in aromatherapy for their reviving, calming and de-stressing qualities- we know challenging the end of the holidays can be, so why not give them a try.

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As summer arrives we all enjoy a sunkissed glow!
To avoid skin damage, Pucci recommends this unique spray by cosmetic brand Surface to protect your face.

All the products in the range contain elements which detoxify and counter the effects of smog.
You can take it to the beach but it’s also ideal in a city like Milan.

The special formulation of the Surface range contains extracts of Japanese camellia, snow algae powder and hyaluronic acid – a selection of high –quality components in a product that Pucci has chosen for your care.

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Pronte per partire? Ecco i nostri consigli per un agosto allegro e con stile.
Righe che passione, orizzontali, verticali oppure oblique, in versione marinaretto o multicolore, sono il trend di questa estate 2017 ed anche nella nostra proposta non potevamo ignorarle per questo agosto al mare o in città.
Sempre con un occhio di riguardo ai tessuti naturali abbiamo scelto per voi: camicia a righe bianche e rosse di cotone, pantalone di lino di Via Masini 80, magliette di cotone con collo a barchetta in versione righe bianche e rosse o tinta unita di Majestic Filatures. Minorchina con petali di Colors of California o sandali argentati di Virreina 1958.
Mai come al mare un foulard ci salva in mille situazioni, da pareo improvvisato, sciarpa antivento o in super tendenza, come turbante per un look hippie chic. Il nostro sulle nounce del mare in seta è un ottimo passe-partout.

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At last July is here, and with it the agreeable warmth of summer.

Pucci recommends a metropolitan look but one which is also ideal for the year’s first weekends by the sea – unleash natural fibres in varied colours.

Comfortable linen trousers in neutral shades combined with cotton T-shirt, striped or in single bold colours.
Enhance the look with a matching scarf and open-toed sandals. Light, loose, soft fabrics, complemented by fun accessories to round off the style for this colourful month.

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Mai dimenticarsi di usare ottimi prodotti naturali per prenderci cura anche di noi stesse.

La nostra pelle d’estate subisce un drastico shock, prepariamola adeguatamente prima di esporci al sole con i prodotti della linea Hemp Care ricchi del prezioso Olio di Canapa Bio, un vero elisir di giovinezza perché ricco di antiossidanti Omega 3 e Omega 6.

Un’intera linea che abbraccia prodotti altamente performanti e specifici per il viso, per il corpo e per i capelli.

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